The Prenatal Hepatitis B Prevention (PHPBP) and Anaemia Screening Project has been one of many success stories since AAHP-UK has been established. This project was implemented in partnership with Al-Hayat Hospital located in Kabul between June 2013 till January 2014. The aim of this project was to prevent transmission of Hepatitis B from mothers to children and preventing complications during delivery by screening for Anaemia (low blood levels).

Pregnant women were screened for Hepatitis B and Anaemia during pregnancy prior to giving birth. Those who were affected by Anaemia were treated with supplementation and newborns of mothers positive for hepatitis B were vaccinated at birth and treated with immunoglobulins for Hepatitis B. Therefore, significantly reducing the risks of complications during delivery and prevention of Hepatitis in the newborn babies. A total of 274 pregnant women were screened for Hepatitis B and Anemia. Out of these 41 were anaemic and they were treated with iron supplements. However, 12 out of the 41 pregnant women had severe anaemia and needed increased antenatal and delivery care. Out of the 274, 5 women were positive for Hepatitis B. Out of the five women positive for Hepatitis B, three had their newborns vaccinated and received immunoglobulins.

The project also raised awareness about antenatal care amongst pregnant women and clinicians. It provided a basic model for improving antenatal care which can be replicated elsewhere with ease. This project not only benefited the mothers and the new-borns but also the clinicians with their career development, training and research.

Hepatitis B Screening and Anaemia


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