Our Story

We are a group of Afghan healthcare professionals in the UK, and came together to set up this organisation in 2011 to improve the life of Afghan people. Since then, we have been devoted to use our knowledge and expertise to improve the public health system in Afghanistan and to address some of the health issues of the Afghan community both in Afghanistan and in the UK. 

We are all volunteers and undertake this work outside our busy work hours, in the evenings, at weekends and during our holidays. It is the blessing that we have had the opportunity in life, which drives us to pay back to our homeland and to our community in the UK.  AAHP-UK has enabled us to do this work.  

Part of our work has been to raise funds for projects inside Afghanistan. 

We have responded to natural disasters and war crisis in Afghanistan by delivering food packages and running medical camps to the affected population. We have also completed sanitation projects like construction wells for clean water in several deprived areas and financially supported 100s of cataracts operations to bring vision to people. 

Our Mission

To assist with education and training of healthcare professionals of Afghan origin in the UK.

To work in co-operation with other medical and charitable organisations in the UK and Afghanistan.

To organise seminars, workshops, and on-line educational activities in order to promote up-to-date clinical and scientific awareness.

To contribute to the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan healthcare sector.


Our Values​

We believe is an urgent response to help individuals and families suffering from a disaster.

Management Committee​

Chairperson: Dr Enayat Modasser

Vice Chairperson: Dr Shafi Wardak

Secretary: Dr Pamir Ihsan

Treasury: Dr Wahab Ghani

Professional & Clinical Standards: Dr Aman Shams

Fundraising: Dr Ihsan Wardak

Donor Relations: Dr Qudrat Ullah

Site Delivery Lead: Dr Abdul Hameed Latifi

Mental Health Project: Tahmina Yousofi

Media: Dr Khesrwo Sangarwal

Membership Expansion: Dr Mohammad Saleemi

Proposal Development: Dr Jamal Nasir

Advocacy & Women Health Lead: Dr Aweed Dehar

Monitoring and Evaluation: Dr Nasir Habibi


Dr Qudrat Ullah

Vice Chairperson

Dr Enayat Moddasser


Dr Aman Shams


Dr Wahab Ghani

Education, Learning, Research and Health Promotion Department

Dr Hameeed Latifi – (Head)

Dr Tahmina Yousefi

Dr Ihsan Wardak

Dr Najib Shahabi

Fundraising Department

Dr Zarghuna Taraki (Head)

Dr Homira Ayubi

Dr Ihsan Wardak

Dr Wahab Ghani

Personal Relationship, Capacity Building and Membership Department

Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (Head)

Dr Pamir Ihsan

Dr Soraya Shirzad

Project Funding and Management Department

Dr Khalil Wahdati (Head)

Dr Naseer Habibi

Dr Enayat Modasser

Dr Aman Shams

Social Media and Website

Dr Khesrow Sangarwal

Dr Homira Ayubi

Dr Soraya Shirzad

Chairperson: Dr Abdul Hameed Latifi (Specialist Psychiatrist), Oxford

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani (General Practitioner), London

Secretary: Dr Aman Shams (Consultant Gastroenterologist), Edinburgh

Treasurer: Dr Qudrat Ullah (Consultant Psychiatrist), Glasgow

Media: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (General Practitioner), London

Fundraising: Dr Zarghona Trakai (General Surgeon), London

Fundraising: Dr Ihsan Wardak (General Practitioner), London

Education: Dr Nasir Habibi (General physician) Preston

Programme/Project Coordinator: Dr Enayatullah Modasser, Birmingham

Chairperon: Dr Nasir Habibi, General physician, Preston, UK

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani (General Practitioner), London

Secretary: Dr Aman Shams (Consultant Gastroenterologist), Edinburgh

Treasurer: Dr Qudrat Ullah (Consultant Psychiatrist), Glasgow

Media: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (General Practitioner), London

Fundraising: Dr Zarghona Trakai (General Surgeon), London

Fundraising: Dr Ihsan Wardak (General Practitioner), London

Chairperson: Dr Ihsanullah Wardak (General Practitioner), London

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Tamanna Rahimi (Foundation Doctor), Oxford

Secretary: Dr Amanullah Shams (Registrar in Gastroenterology), Edinburgh

Treasurer: Dr Qudrat Ullah (Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry), Glasgow


Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani (General Practitioner), London

Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (GP Registrar), London

Mr Shafi Wardak (General Surgery), London


Maria Hashme (Bioscientist), London

Dr Nadir Shah Waziri, London


Dr Anna Sharif (General Practitioner), London

Dr Nasir Habib (General Medicine), Preston

Dr Sher Alokozai (GP Registrar), London

Chairperson: Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani (General Practitioner), London

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (GP Registrar), London

Secretary: Dr Amanullah Shams (Registrar in Gastroenterology), Edinburgh

Treasurer: Dr Qudrat Ullah (Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry), Glasgow

Education: Dr Anna Sharif (General Practitioner), London

Education: Dr Khalil Wahdati (Registrar in Acute Medicine), Preston

Fund Raising: Dr Ihsanullah Wardak (General Practitioner), London

Fund Raising: Dr Hamish Darwish (Psychiatrist), London

Media: Dr Sher Alokozai (GP Registrar), London

Media: Dr Nasir Habib (General Medicine), Preston

Chairperson: Dr Amanullah Shams (Registrar in Gastroenterology), Edinburgh

Vice-Chairperson: Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani (General Practitioner), London

Secretary: Mr Dost Mohammad (Senior Pharmacist), Birmingham

Treasurer: Dr Qudrat Ullah (Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry), Glasgow

Media: Dr Khesrow Sangarwal (GP Registrar), London

Recruitment: Dr Anna Sharif ( General Practitioner), London

Education: Dr Abdul Hameed Latifi (Psychiatrist), Oxford

Research: Dr Ihsanullah Wardak (General Practitioner), London

Int/Afghan Affairs: Dr Hameed Shuja (Dentist), London

Meet Our Team

Chairperson and Trustee

Enayat Modasser – MD and MSc

Inayat has enormously contributed in promoting the AAHPUK’s image within the diaspora’s communities and academic institutions in the United Kingdom. As an inspiring leader, he has set a clear and strategic direction for AAHPUK in promoting the health status of Afghan communities in the UK and Afghanistan. He leads the mobilisation of resources from donors and has overall responsibility to oversees how the welfare and relief projects of AAHPUK are being implemented on the ground and ensures to maximise projects’ impact on local population. He is Health Policy and Hospital Management Specialist and has worked with the Ministry of Health in Afghanistan and for the NHS in England in different roles. He graduated with Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in Afghanistan and earned his master’s (MSc) in Hospital Management from the University of Leeds-UK. He also has a post-graduate certificate in Strategic Policy Planning and Evaluation (ICPS-UK). He has been a member of the fast-paced and important national health programmes in transforming national health systems including specialty pathway redesign workstreams. He has substantial experience in the design, development and provision of health policies and supported the development of toolkits for whole system transformation. He is a highly technical individual with nearly two decades of substantial professional experience in institutional performance improvement. He is analyses health policy issues, communicates strategic information, provides recommendations and ensures that the programme interventions are evidence based that can produce positive impact for patients, health professionals and local health systems. He has worked in different leadership roles. He has a proven record of contribution to the development of national policies, processes and toolkits for improving quality of health services. He has strong skills in engaging constructively with high level stakeholders including the Ministry of health- Afghanistan and UK universities and has represented at national and international conferences. His ultimate aim is to produce a lasting positive impact to the lives of people in particular for deprived and marginalised communities.

Project Delivery Lead

Dr Shafi Wardak – BSc, MSc, FRCS(Urol)

Shafi is a Consultant Urological Surgeon. He completed his MBBS at University College London, and gained an intercalated BSc from University of London, and a Masters degree in Surgical Technology from Imperial College London. He completed his higher surgical training in London teaching hospitals including UCLH, St Bartholomew’s and Guy’s and St Thomas hospitals before becoming a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He undertook an Andrology Fellowship at the Institute of Urology in UCLH before embarking on his consultant career. He is a member of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, European Association of Urology and American Urological Association. He has published in prominent peer reviewed scientific journals, and has frequently presented his research work in national and international conferences. He has a keen interest in teaching and plays an active role in training of senior urological trainees from the Oxford deanery and medical student from University of Oxford.

Treasurer and Trustee

Dr Abdul Wahab Ghani - MBBS, MRCGP, PGCMDE

Wahab is a General Practitioner at Devonshire Lodge Practice in London. He is also Programme Director for Hillingdon General Practice Speciality Training Programme. Wahab gained his MBBS in India, MRCGP in London and PGCMDE from Oxford Brookes University His specialist interests are in medical education and management of diabetes in primary care. Wahab plays football and is a fervent supporter of Arsenal FC Wahab is one of the founder members of AAHPUK.


Dr Qudrat Ullah - MBBS, MRCPych

Qudrat is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disability Psychiatry and is currently working in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (Scotland) and has extensive experience in mental illness, autism, dementia challenging behaviour and epilepsy. He also has extensive experience in Forensic Psychiatry, Mental Health and Adult with Incapacity Act Legislations. He is DMP (Designated Medical Practitioner) for Mental Welfare Scotland. Qudrat is also a Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer and Examiner at University of Glasgow. He is Lead for West of Scotland (Deanery) Learning Disability Higher Training Programme. He is also Royal College of Psychiatrist External Adviser for consultants interviews panel in Scotland. Dr Qudrat Ullah has been involved in other charity organisations within United Kingdom since 2011. He was vice-Chair and Secretary of Scottish Afghan Society and brought significant reforms in the management structure and operational procedures of the organisation and completed a number of various successful projects. He was also member of Advisory Board for Afghan Council of Great Britain. He is a strong advocate for community empowerment, the fight against mental health and providing mental health awareness in Britain and Afghanistan and helping Afghanistan build a stronger mental health healthcare system. He has been involved in Mental Health Awareness and service development in National and International level since 2011. Qudrat Holds the responsibility of collaboration for Afghan Medical Diaspora within UK with the Afghanistan Government. He has been involved in a research project with a PhD student at King’s College, London and the data will be used to develop mental health guidance for Afghan immigrants. Qudrat is one of the founder member of AAHPUK.

in Charge of Professional and Clinical Standards work and Trustee

Dr Aman Shams - MD, MRCP, FRCP

Aman is a consultant gastroenterologist at the Victoria Hospital, NHS Scotland, and senior lecturer at the University of St Andrews. Aman is one of the founder members of AAHPUK and he was the first elected Chairperson for AAHPUK.

Dr Pamir Ihsan - MD, EMBA, MRCP

Pamir is a Cardiology Specialist Registrar at NHS England . Pamir graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Nangarhar, Afghanistan. He completed his post graduate degree MRCP from Royal College of Physicians in London. He has a master degree in Health Management from Preston University. Pamir in addition to his clinical work with the NHS since 2016, he has a special interest in teaching and medical education. He worked as Associate College Tutor for Royal College of Physicians responsible for managing post graduate teaching for internal medicine trainees. Before joining the NHS, worked for international organisations including UNHCR and UNDP. Pamir has a university degree in French Language and Civilisation from Le Havre University in France. He speaks many languages including English, French, Arabic, Persian and Pashto. Pamir has been an active member since joining AAHPUK in 2015.

In charge of Mental Health projects

Dr Tahmina Yousofi

Tahmina is a consultant psychiatrist in Kent. She also works as a Medical Education Fellow for Kent and Medway Medical School. She graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Kabul, Afghanistan. She worked for four years as an Orthopaedics doctor in the NHS. Then she trained as a Psychiatrist and became a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK. Tahmina is very much involved in voluntary and charity work. Currently she provides advice and consultation to several charities working on evacuation and resettlement of Afghans at risk. She has contributed to research work on the mental health of refugees and asylum seekers, particularly Afghan refugees. Tahmina is a member of the Mental Health Sub -Group chaired by the Home Office (HO) and NHS England & NHS Improvement (NHSEI) to work collaboratively, providing advice and oversight of all mental health and wellbeing needs of asylum seekers in the UK.

Dr Mohammad Saleemi

Mohammad works at Salford Royal Hospital and is a Clinical Fellow in Neurosurgery Mohammad graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Kabul, Afghanistan and gained his MSc in Neurosurgery from University of Health Sciences in Lahore, Pakistan and his MRCS is from Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh

Vice Chair and Trustee

Dr Nasir Habib - MD, MSc, MRCP

Nasir is a Consultant in General Internal Medicine in East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust. He graduated from Faculty of Medicine, University of Nangarhar, Afghanistan

In charge - Policy, Strategy, Advocacy & Communication

Dr Shaqaieq Ashrafi Dost -MD, MPH, AFHEA, PhD-Health Policy & Management

Shaqaieq Ashrafi Dost is a qualified Medical Doctor (MD) who graduated from Balkh University, Afghanistan in 2004. She has a public health background with extensive experience in community health, maternal and child health, Early Childhood Development (ECD) and nutrition. She has worked with Bakhtar Development Network (BDN) as a Mother and Child Health (MCH) officer and manager for two years. She has mainly worked in different roles for MCH with an international NGO- Aga Khan Health Services-Afghanistan (AKHS-A). Her main achievements in AKHS-A would be the integration of the health in ECD programmes in three provinces (Badakhshan, Bamyan and Baghlan), the establishment of breastfeeding and Baby Friendly Hospital Initiatives (BFHI) programmes in two provincial hospitals (Badakhshan and Bamyan) and development of the Maternity Waiting Room and the MCH Policies. She was awarded the Aga Khan Higher Education Scholarship for her master’s degree in 2014. She has presented at national and international conferences in Afghanistan, Germany, UK and Malaysia. She has achieved the Santander Mobility Award, Postgraduate Development Gold Award and Outstanding Contribution to Achieving the Postgraduate Development Award in the UK. In 2021 she got the Woman of Excellence Award by the Women’s Information Network (WIN), California, USA. She was also awarded the Associate fellowship (AFHEA) which enables her to teach in UK universities. Shaqaieq has done her master’s programme in public health at Bournemouth University. She is interested in health management and organisational performance and how leadership competence has an important role in the success of organisations. She has done her PhD at the same university on the factors that affect the management capacity and leadership and employee performance in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), Afghanistan. Here is the link to her PhD thesis. https://eprints.bournemouth.ac.uk/34852/. Working with organisations that work for the elimination of poverty and inequality and for the development of low-income countries interests her which is why she has joined the Association of Afghan Healthcare Professionals-UK. She is also volunteering with the British Red Cross as a woman project volunteer and with the Aga Khan National Council as the ECD programme Farsi lead.

General Secretary and Proposal Development

Dr Muska Miller - MD

Dr Muska Miller is a first generation Afghan medical doctor who graduated from St George’s University of London in 2010. She undertook her academic foundation training in South London and moved to North Central London to continue her training in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. In addition she has successfully completed a PhD at University College London with Professor Singer, looking at the effects of commonly used drugs on ICU on the immune system and mitochondria. Her specialist interests include: paediatric and neuroanaesthesia, human physiology in extreme environments and humanitarian medicine. Muska is passionate about humanitarian work and has been involved in a number of projects since medical school. She has raised over £15,000 for charities including HealthProm (2012, 2016, 2021), British Heart Foundation (2013) and Medical Research for Children’s Charity (2012). She has volunteered on several medical missions that included Operation Smile where she travelled to Columbia to provide anaesthesia for children undertaking cleft lip and palate surgery (2010), travel to Ganiyari Hospital in Raipur, India, to provide anaesthetic cover, and numerous trips to rural Afghanistan to provide community medical care and public health teaching. As part of this work she has received numerous awards including the BMA Humanitarian Award and the AAGBI Travel Grant. Muska is committed to providing support to Afghan communities both in the UK and in Afghanistan. She is passionate about health and education initiatives in women and children and is keen to deliver as part of the AAHP-UK member.

Charity Consultant

Dr Maliha Kabir

Maliha has over twenty years of experience working for charitable organisations in the UK. She was involved in poverty alleviation programmes through employment generation, empowerment of women and self-help housing programme. She gained her experience working for a small international organisation - ASHRAM International. She also works for a grant making Trust – The Judith Trust. The Trust funds research which is focused on issues facing people with dual diagnosis of mental ill health and learning disabilities. Maliha’s Master degree and PhD were in chemistry from University of Gdansk, Poland.

Coaching Mentoring and Career Development

Dr Mensrain Khalil

I graduated from Kabul Medical Institute, Afghanistan, but soon, due to war and the worsening situation I moved to Pakistan. I completed a diploma degree in Emergency Obstetric Care. After that, I worked with different International Organisation (Safe the Children, Intersos, International Medical Corps IMC) supporting Afghan refugees in various camps in Peshawar, earth quick project in Abbott Abad and so on. I started my job as a medical officer (IMC), and soon I was promoted to team leader and later to project and programme manager. My role was establishment and supervision of remote basic health units (BHUs) for Afghan refugees and conducting short courses for medical staff. Meanwhile, I completed my Master in Public health with IMS university, Peshawar.  I moved back to Afghanistan in 2008 with a branch of IMC and started my job as a Midwifery project manager and trainer with Institutes of Management Science. I established and monitored basic health centres for women and child in five provinces of Afghanistan. I was responsible for the budget, report to the donors, review of yearly audit, monitor and evaluation of the projects, staffing and bridging between our projects and MOPH.  I completed my Master of Science in Human Health and Environment, Medical School University of Exeter, then started my job with the NHS and currently I am a GPST2.    


Dr Khesrow Sangarwal

One of the co-founder member of AAHPUK


Dr Ihsan Wardak



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