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We have delivered impactful projects over the last decade and changed many lives on the ground.

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We now run a number of programmes in Afghanistan to address a broad range of issues.

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Our team is made of healthcare professionals based on Uk.

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Let’s Help the Starving Children In Afghanistan!

Humanity has no borders! According to World Food Program (WFP) surveys, 95 per cent of households in Afghanistan don’t have enough food; adults are eating less and skipping meals so their children can eat. Fourteen million people in Afghanistan are facing acute food insecurity with 3.2 million children under the age of 5 suffering from malnutrition. At least 1 million of these children are at high risk of starving to death due to acute malnutrition. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers are starving and are facing lactation insufficiency. Babies are emaciated while the chilling winter has just started, which further threatens these children’s survival. At such a hard time, we should all act selflessly to save the lives of our own kind.

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Unity Makes Strength

Our volunteers are from all over the world



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