The Association of Afghan Healthcare Professionals-UK (AAHP-UK) held its Annual General Meeting of 2014-15 in Ashiana Banquet Hall, London on Saturday 9th May 2015. The gathering was attended by a large number of UK based Afghan Healthcare Professionals and students. It was the 5th Annual General Meeting of the Association since its establishment. The general members at the meeting used the gathering to report, critique, and reflect upon a year long period of academic, professional, administrative and charity activities here in the UK and in Afghanistan. Dr Ihsanullah Wardak the ex-chairman of the AAHP-UK presented the Annual Progress Report of the association. He outlined all the achievements and accomplishments of the AAHP-UK over the year. Dr Qudrat Ullah, the treasurer of AAHP-UK, presented the Financial Report for the year 2014-15, a requirement by the constitution of the AAHP-UK. He gave a detailed description of all financial transaction carried out by the treasury on behalf of the AAHP-UK.

The Annual Election of the Chair and the Management Committee was held under the supervision of the election board. Dr Nasir Habibi was elected as the new Chairman of the AAHP-UK. Dr Manizha Tellaie, Ms Maria Hashme, Dr Zohra Karim, Dr Zarghona Taraki, Ms Shogofa Ahad, Dr Amin Zamani, Dr Haseeb Wardak, Dr Wahab Ghani Dr Qudrat Ullah, Dr Aman Shams, Dr Ihsan Wardak and Dr Khesrow Sangarwal were elected to the new Management Committee. After a brief speech by the newly elected chair, and a photo session, the AGM was closed at 16:30.



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